daily almanzoor-10-8-2017

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Tribal area covers 300 km of the population deprived of Boys, Girls Degree College

Tribal area of over 300 km of Boys, Girls degrees from colleges, most students with financial difficulties due to attain secondary education, educational institutions lack Tribal Area has become collarbone intelligent students , ruler of the backward areas of education provided kryn.tfsyl the Dera Ghazi Khan district remote area in Tribal area 300 km long strip of population deprived of education that I strip legions, legions Leghari, the legions Buzdar the population of the Boys and Girls High School is present but no girls, boys degrees c Find college continuing education which the students here metric exist and are forced to leave the punts food to achieve the Intermediate their parents financially they are most intelligent students at home the problems can not take a fleet of heavy spending. the students, parents Mohammad Yahya I, Ghulam Rasool Buzdar, Ahmed Nawaz Buzdar, Imam Bakhsh Leghari, Mohammad Asif Buzdar, Salam Shah, Mohammad Kamran I, Shams I, Mohammad Afzal Khan Leghari, Ghulam Murtaza, was I the educational emergency in Tribal Area the implementation of the decree and early recognition of more schools, colleges on the Question Ajay leaders Ghulam Nabi I, Professor baduzyy Haq Nawaz Khan, Hafiz Ghulam Mustafa, Mohammad Aslam, I was deprived of ornament Tribal leaders from the area of public education and implementation of educational emergency claims are proved wrong .trayybl Area to provide the public Boys degree College, Boys, Girls College of Education-tipped generation facilities to be provided.

The city of Dera in Pakistan outbreak of measles and chicken surrounding the arrival of more than a hundred patients in different hospitals of the city

Dera Ghazi Khan (Special) Dera city and surrounding an outbreak of measles and chicken Pakistan, Pakistan hundred measles and chicken in various hospitals in the city yesterday sick.hy.tycng appeal demanding campaign to make emergency ward at the hospital and also educate the parents.

The murder victim Nazar Hussain grzuany or suicide case.

تھانہ کالا کے علاقہ میں دسویں جماعت کے طالب علم نذر حسین گرزوانی کی ایک ماہ پہلے ڈیڈ باڈی ملی تھی جسے قتل تصور کیا گیا تھا اور اس کے شبہ میں منظور حسین بگلانی ، محمد آصف اور 3 افراد کو گرفتار کیا گیا تھا. جس کو تھانہ کوٹ مبارک کے ایس ایچ او اشرف قریشی نے بے گناہ کرتے ہوئے یہ کہا کہ یہ معاملہ خود کشی ہے

تیرہ سالہ بچے نے گندم محفوظ والی گولیآں کھا لین

تیرہ سالہ بچے نے گندم محفوظ والی گولیآں کھا لین ...محمد عرفان ولد اجمل خآن قوم نتکانی بستی بنڈی کو گھر سے سکول جانے کیلیے کہا لیکن اس نے قریبی دوکان سے گنم کی لے کر کھا لین متاثرہ عرفان کو تونسہ ھسپتال منتقل کیا گیا جھاں فوری طبی امداد کے بعد نشتر ھسپتال ملتان ریفر کر دیا گیا ھے .

Young people are the future's bright, JI youth will organize the Youth Platform, JI intra-party elections will be held on May 21 under the Youth

Whoa (correspondent) young people a bright future, JI youth will organize the Youth Platform, JI will hold intra-party elections on May 21 under the Youth, Rashid Akhtar, Naeem Ullah aarby other. Description of the JI Dera Ghazi Khan deputy chief Rashid Akhtar, JI Youth Dera Ghazi Khan, President Naeem Ullah aarby Advocate, the chief Hafiz Mohammad Rafiq Islamic Circle PP240 said while addressing a youth meeting under the JI Youth Youth has provided the platform which are the young flocking or hyn.jy Hundreds of youth have joined the EU level under the uth hyn.antra party will submit nominations for the May elections and election polling 11.12 will be May 21 at the Young led the JI Whoa gy.as I Hafizullah, Mohammad Saleem Lashari President al-Khidmat Foundation, Haji Allah datta Member, Mr Nasser, leader Tayyip excels khtran, Haji Chand khtran, Goody Ibrahim Khan, Sajjad Ahmad, Haji Nisar khtran Buzdar, Habib Gul Pathan, Islam Qureshi, Maulana I Shafiq, chief khtran Athar Khan, Hafiz Mohammad Safdar Sheikh and there were other

Dera gazyka n..mslm League are the only party that has the ability to extract all the crises our country

PML-n MNA Ms. shna s Salim said while addressing women's organizational meeting of his residence in Dera Ghazi Khan, PML-n stronghold women are trying to make the reinforcing his party PML-n PML-n party trust policies are the only party that has the ability to extract all the land and every possible cell crises I have all power, education and health Women's League of the problems will be solved meeting officials discussed nyummbr making in meeting the full participation of all the officials of the meeting of the member making instructions MPA Begum Najma Arshad, smear a Christian, let dear, nahydansary, hajran Post, hraansary, Alia Shaheen, Samina server, Mullo Abdullo went Bibi, Fauzia Hamad, Nusrat Bibi, recognize Bibi, Razia Bibi and other women councilors participated.