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The M5 had to be closed for three hours in Somerset on Tuesday evening after an elderly man in his 70s caused seven drivers to 'pinball' into each other as they desperately tried to move out of the way. Remarkably no-one sustained life-threatening injuries after the man drove north on the outside lane of the southbound carriageway in his Vauxhall. Shocking footage of his dangerous drive has been caught on a car dashcam before the pile-up. It shows the elderly man speeding the wrong way down the right-hand lane (inset). Further photographs depict the aftermath of the crash, including one where a police officer sweeps up the debris.

British DJ performs macabre re-enactment of the moment 'he murdered a Bali police officer' - even sharing a kiss with his girlfriend before bludgeoning the 'victim' with a broken bottle

Byron Bay mother Sara Connor and her British boyfriend David Taylor have mimed a kiss (left) at Bali's Kuta Beach to re-enact the alleged events that led to the death of a policeman. Ms Connor, 45, took off the sarong covering her face so Mr Taylor, 34, could kiss her on the top of her head. She then lay her head on his shoulders and the pair linked arms for the first time they had seen each other since their arrest on August 19. The two accused and actors recreated the scenes on Wednesday morning (right and inset).

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Coronation Street bosses have apologised after fans complained about Eva Price's racist remark 'I have more roots than Kunta Kinte' made in the salon in Monday night's episode. Many blasted the comment as racist and said it trivialised the ongoing issues in America.Eva Price, played by Catherine Tyldesley, pictured, made the comment as she walked into the salon to have her hair done. Kunta

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Police at Frankfurt Airport in Germany found traces of explosives in her bag after she was stopped for a security check at the terminal. The incident caused the evacuation of a terminal, plunged passengers into panic and caused long delays for incoming and outgoing flights. After she was arrested police reported no explosive device or material was found but that traces of explosives were discovered in her rucksack. She continues to be questioned.

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The video begins with a truck slamming through traffic in Binghamton, New York, last Thursday. One of the vehicles is seen resting against the central divide, engulfed in flames. Drivers are then seen running towards the burning car, reaching into the window and dragging the woman to safety. Bystanders then put out the remainder of the blaze with fire extinguishers. The Mayor of

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As Gene Wilder dies at the age of 83, many of the tributes being shared about the Hollywood legend revolve around arguably his most famous film, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. While Wilder was already a star when he took on the role of Roald Dahl's Wonka in 1971, his young co-stars were unknowns. Forty five years on from the film's release, we look back at the fortunes of those who entered the

Revealed: Gene Wilder died holding hands with his family while listening to Somewhere Over the Rainbow ... after Alzheimer's battle which he kept secret from fans so he would not upset them

Gene Wilder (left with his wife, Karen, last year, and top right, at high school) died yesterday holding hands with his loved ones while listening to one of his favorite songs - which came on by chance as he took his last breath. The much-loved Willy Wonka actor (bottom right) was surrounded by his family at his home in Stamford, Connecticut, when he died yesterday. His nephew, Jordan Walker-Pearlman,

Kaepernick should 'find a country that works better for him' if he wants to sit for national anthem, says Trump in attack on NFL star's Black Lives Matter protest

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick should 'find a country that works better for him' if he will not stand for the National Anthem. Trump said of the controversy Monday: '' I have followed it and I think it's personally not a good thing, I think it's a terrible thing, 'Trump told KIRO radio's Dori Monson in advance of a visit to Washington State.'